Research tip: Data on immigrants as community members

MPI’s Migration Data Hub provides access to several informative data tools about immigrants in the United States.Migration Policy Institute, “Migration Data Hub,” For example, the State Immigration Data Profiles are a particularly rich source of data on the importance of immigrants to a state’s demographic, cultural, and economic makeup.Migration Policy Institute, “State Immigration Data Profiles,” The tool provides detailed statistics about language, education, familial ties, and more. Information about U.S. citizen children may be especially compelling to some stakeholders.

New American Economy, a bipartisan consortium of U.S. political and business leaders, also provides detailed economic estimates relating to immigration at the city and congressional district level through its Map the Impact tool.New American Economy, “Map the Impact,” The website includes jurisdiction-specific infographics and prepared social media posts that may further aid advocacy campaigns. Their data suggests that representation may generate substantial economic benefits by helping immigrants remain in the country, information that may be of particular interest to government officials.

The State Priorities Partnership also provides information about state-by-state fiscal policy groups, which may be able to provide third-party support for economic analyses about the projected impact of universal representation.See the State Priorities Partnership website at