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New Data Hubs Show Local Impact of Mass Incarceration in California and Louisiana
There is growing consensus that mass incarceration does not make communities…
Mar 16, 2023
Increasing Prison Wages to Dollars Just Makes Sense
During the past 22 years of my incarceration, I’ve witnessed many changes in…
Feb 07, 2023
Black Leaders Who Used the Law to Reform Prisons from Within
Painting of Martin Sostre by Jerry Ross. Effecting change from within the…
Feb 01, 2023
New York City’s New Mental Health Plan is Dangerous
Late last year, New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued a directive that…
Jan 24, 2023
Actions You Can Take to Advance Justice Reform in 2023
As this new year rings in, nearly 2 million people are locked in U.S. jails…
Jan 18, 2023
New Yorkers Can’t Afford Another Year of Death in Our Jails
In 2021, Rikers Island was in readily apparent crisis. Jail staff stopped…
Jan 10, 2023
2023: What’s Ahead in the Fight for Justice and True Public Safety
In 2023, the window of opportunity for true justice is open. Despite the $157…
Jan 05, 2023

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For Decades, Los Angeles Jailed People with Mental Health Needs. Now, It’s Finally Prioritizing Treatment
Illustration by Michelle Garcia. The Los Angeles jail system is the largest…
Dec 22, 2022
Prisons and Jails Keep Making It Harder for Incarcerated People to Communicate With Loved Ones
Lakisha Santana Sell and her husband, David Sell, exchange emails every day…
Dec 13, 2022
19 People Have Died from New York City Jails in 2022
Image courtesy of the #HALTsolitary Campaign. Edgardo Mejias, 39, died on…
Dec 12, 2022
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