Daniel Bodah

Daniel Bodah is a research fellow in the Redefining Public Safety program at Vera, where he works on police transparency and accountability. He contributes to Vera's work with community-based organizations on accessing police data and also examines racial and other disparities as part of Vera's Arrest Trends work. Before joining Vera in September 2019, Daniel assisted with the Misdemeanor Justice Project's qualitative evaluation of New York City's Criminal Justice Reform Act. Prior to that, Daniel worked as a law clerk in the Brooklyn federal court and the Court of International Trade.

Daniel began his career as an investigator and policy analyst for the New York City Civilian Complaint Board. In that position, Daniel investigated hundreds of allegations of excessive force and illegal searches by members of the New York Police Department. He also identified policy issues arising from substantiated cases, drafted a manual for investigating and analyzing use-of-force allegations, and trained investigative staff on cases involving stop and frisk incidents and residential searches.

Daniel holds an MA in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where he is pursuing a PhD. He earned a JD from Brooklyn Law School and is a member of the State Bar of New York.