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Safe Alternatives to Solitary Confinement A Human Dignity Approach

With bipartisan momentum for change in Congress, presidential attention, and the Association of State Correctional Administrators calling for a reduction in its use, the time is now for addressing the overuse of solitary confinement and its adverse effects on individuals and public safety. Join the Vera Institute of Justice and members of the advisory council for its Safe Alternatives to Segregation Initiative to hear about critical “on the ground” change strategies and reform efforts being tested and implemented by correctional leaders around the country—and the reasons behind them.


Solitary Confinement

Common Misconceptions and Emerging Safe Alternatives

While the precise number of people held on any given day in what’s commonly called solitary confinement—though also known as segregated or restricted housing—is not known with any certainty, estimates run between 80,000 to 100,000 in state and federal prisons. However, evidence mounts that the practice produces many unwanted and harmful outcomes—fo ...

  • Alison Shames , Jessa Wilcox , Ram Subramanian
May 12, 2015

Women's Pathways Into and Out of Jail in Buncombe County

Findings from Research with Women Detained in Buncombe County and Recommendations for Reducing the Use of Jail

This report presents an analysis of women’s experiences with the local criminal legal system in Buncombe County, North Carolina: their pathways into and out of the jail, their living conditions and concerns during detention, and their perspectives on how services and systems in the county can improve. This study occurred in September 2021 at a time ...

  • Jennifer Peirce , Tara Dhanraj Roden , Sandhya Kajeepeta , Elizabeth Swavola , Jesmeen Grewal
November 16, 2022